Forging Future

A worthy present, a better future

We are committed to people who work to make their companies and organizations better for the world.


Land is not an inheritance, but a loan from further generations

Indian proverb

‘Enterprise’ has a fundamental role in society, it generates decent employment, provides services and products that meet people’s needs, it is capable of contributing and providing solutions to the challenges we face.
We do create sustainable and long-term alliances with our clients.


Our services

Innovation & Business Strategy

  • We enhance innovation capacities
  • Develop and implement Innovation Management Systems


Regional Innovation Strategies, Smart Specialization, Road Maps and Strategic plans
We provide support to policy makers and Innovation/Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Social Business

  • We co-create Social Enterprises
    with 3i (Triple Impact, environmental, social and economic).
  • We do help corporates to transform their CSR into Social Sustainable and Impact Business

EU & International Institutions

We create and manage Impact International Projects with the support of UE, IDB, WB, UN.

Our model – Impact innovation

We belive in


The entrepreneurial capacity of people that is multiplied within companies and organizations with values.


From each person (natural and legal) to contribute their grain of sand to build the future.


When we build a unique value proposition, we are committed to growing and scaling it.


RAE ‘action or task that involves difficulty and whose execution requires decision and effort’.


Scientific, technological and social knowledge is valuable and can be used to generate value.
The diversity and combination of different knowledge generates surprising ideas and solutions.
The company today needs to know how to manage knowledge and interact with the environment, talent providers, ecosystem.

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