Victoria Gómez acompañó a una delegación de la Concejalía de Empleo del Ayuntamiento de Valencia compuesta por 5 representantes

Victoria Gómez accompanied a delegation of the Employment Department of the City of Valencia consisting of 5 representatives, participated in Tampere in the fourth transnational meeting held on 17 and 18 June.
Along with 11 other cities (Rotterdam, Gdnask, Glasgow, Antwerp, Warsaw, Braga, Thessaloniki, Tampere, Turin, Maribor, Riga) that make up the European project My Generation at Work innovative practical solutions were shared to meet the many challenges that young people face.

During two days of the workshop experiences acquired by all professionals involved in employment policy in the participating cities in Europe and helped young people who want to look professional and working future were exchanged. On the other hand, youth that are within the employment services or programs or enterprise and unemployed young people had the opportunity to share and tell their experience.
The aim of the meeting in Tampere has offered a real insight into the experience of what makes the city, facilitating real dialogue between participants through 3 mini-workshops: 1) Promotion of youth entrepreneurship, 2) Guidance and support new entrepreneurs, 3) educational institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Our delegation to the meeting represented an important opportunity to learn from other cities how to develop policies to cover the entire entrepreneurial experience in the field of youth opportunity.
The city of Valencia presented its experiment Go for It (GFI) to be carried out in the local plan, exposing space “Las Naves” – Collaborative Space, an area designed for the promotion of innovation and culture, and enhancing creative business projects generated in the city of Valencia. The collaborative space “Las Naves” covers about 13 countries in145 m2 and has available about 5000 m2. It is an international community of creation processes young artists, specializing in design, communication, start- up, marketing.
Based on the GFI project – “Las Naves” Local Action Plan, a document which will implement a strategic approach to implementing improvements in the city related to the topic of the project, learned in the transnational network will be defined. The Local Action Plan in Valencia is called Where Change Happens and its slogans are: we create, we connect, we share.

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