AliasGroup ha trabajado para el Ayuntamiento de Xàtiva en la elaboración de su Estrategia de Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible Integrado


AliasGroup has worked for theCity of Xàtiva in the development of its Strategy for Sustainable Integrated Urban Development (Strategy DUSI) planning tool that will allow the municipality be eligible for European funding linked to the ERDF for the period 2014-2020.

The aim of this strategy was to improve the city from an integrated approach, covering the needs of the municipality identified as challenges in all areas: economic, environmental, climatic, demographic and social, to create a smarter, sustainable city and inclusive.

The process of drafting the Strategy DUSI contemplated different dynamics of participation, various methodologies have beeen used (EASW, RoadMap T-System of IFM) workshops with experts have been organized as well as with stakeholders and neighbors in order to ensure the integration of contributions from the institutional, social and economic spheres.

The Xàtiva DUSI strategy has its focus on the recovery of the Historic Center, to live and enjoy. It Includes a series of lines of work such as: the development of heritage, culture and tradition among locals and visitors, all linked to the development of a local tourism industry; move towards a more connected Xativa, with active citizenship through online channels and opportunities for citizen interaction; with a model of sustainable mobility consistent with citizens and visitors of a unique historical center for its value and extension; recovering and updating the ‘Mercat’ for the twenty-first century; and generating new public spaces that advance civic education, sustainability and tradition.

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