Constituído el primer Directorio Regional de Innovación

Fifth Region

The plennary salon of Valparaíso Regional Council witnessed a ceremony lead by the intendant Raul Celis Montt which he told with the assistance of representatives of public and private entities for constitution and probation of the first Regional Directorate for Innovation of the Valparaíso region, that was considered by the assistants as a one milestone, this one already has the effect to advise the Government with the elaboration of Regional Innovation Strategy, starting from one public private instance, representative and transversal, that needs to be constructed in the pillar of innovation, emerging towards decentralization and the regional development.

Mr. Celis stated that the integration of the Directorate is not something casual made just to benefit these sectors that can provoke or influence positively the foundation of this Strategy.

During the session, the maximal regional authority signalized that “One always needs to be in the innovation process, be competitive and this competitivity is the one that we want to achieve through the Regional Innovation Strategy. For which it will have various advisory, consultancy and professionals who will support the development of the same”.

Meanwhile, the head of the Division of Planning and Development, DIPLAD, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, said “if we talk about decentralization, the hand of the regional government is present throughout its walk in terms of planning and this directory will support effectively innovation projects, which are coordinated by the Undersecretary of Regional and Administrative Development, SUBDERE, have the aim of deepening the process of regionalization and decentralization of the current innovation system, improving the effectiveness of public investment and the contribution of the development and competitiveness regions of the country, generating a sustainable solution, politically and institutionally. ”

It is important to note that the income of the Region of Valparaiso to Network Project, incorporation approved by the Regional Council of Valparaiso in 2011, has the support of the European Union, both economically and technically, and has taken advantage of the previous experience of almost 200 European regions.

Initially designed for three pilot regions, demand from the regions became involved in the first phase to 7 regions of the country. The interest generated in the incorporation of other regions such as La Araucania, Los Lagos and Aysen, and recently joined the Maule region, which acquires national relevance since decentralization innovation system itself.


It is a project of regional innovation that seeks to connect entrepreneurs, universities, research centers, public institutions and regional authorities, through the implementation of RIS model for the design and development of Regional Innovation Strategies.

It seeks to promote a cultural change from innovation to allow regions to increase their competitiveness and quality of life of its inhabitants.

Its aim is to deepen the process of regionalization and decentralization, improving the efficiency of investment and the contribution of the regions to the development and competitiveness.

The RED Project is developed by the regional governments in partnership with the Secretariat for Regional Development (SUBDERE) under the Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness EU-Chile, coordinated by AGCI, and in partnership with various public institutions to promote innovation for the benefit the regional development.

Photo: Raul Celis, Valparaiso Regional Intendant, along with Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Director of the Department of Development and Planning, Diplad; and Ismael Abel, AliasGroup consultant, company that advises the regional government in the “Design and Establishment of the Regional Innovation Strategy and related actions in the Valparaiso region.”

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