En el 2013, el Tecnológico Comfenalco le apuesta a la Innovación Total

On April 17, 2013 the inauguration of the 3rd Institutional Meeting of Seed Research and Management Model Launch Innovation was performed. The event was held in the auditorium of the headquarters Covo Augusto Barrio Spain, and included the participation of approximately 200 people, including students, teachers and administratives.
Thus, all participants identified that innovation involves bringing new ideas to reality with a significant impact on the context through an improvement in our attitude, therefore Technological University Foundation COMFENALCO takes all creative ideas, entrepreneurs and innovative ideas of the entire community, which will be channeled through a funnel where ideas undergo a transformation towards innovation and promotion of regional development.

Week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship came with everything from 06 to 10 May at Headquarters Spain and Cedesarrollo of our institution a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation where the innovation model of the university gave the seal opening to such an important week in his first editio. We went into the week having the opportunity to attend conferences, talks and exhibitions in both venues. Therefore, for this first edition of the week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship it was attended by Alias Group, the consulting Innovation Management company in the institution, with the Conference “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” dictated by Dr. Sonia García de la Rosa.

cof2013The same week continued with the Conferences “entrepreneurial spirit” by Engineer Pedro Jimenez; “Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation: Sources of Development”, issued by the teacher investigator Luis Bear; and “Entrepreneurship from business models” by Professor Jairo Orozco – researcher.
And the week ended with nothing more and nothing less than the Fair Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics would show new products designed for themselves.

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