Name of legal entity Country Global value of the Project (EUR) Percentage realized by the legal entity (%) Staff (number of people) provided Name of the client Origin of the funds Dates (start/end) Name of partners, if it proceeds
Valencian Service of Job and Formation Spain 2.392.100 euros 70.000 euros 1 SERVEF European Found of Adaptation to the Globalization and the Crisis FEAG

European Funds

2010 – 2013 3





Detailed description of the project Kind of given services
The European Fund of Adaptation to the Globalization (FEAG) and the SERVEF, co-finance a Plan of direct actions oriented to re-colocation of workers in the footwear sector of the districts of Alt Vinalopó (Villena), Vinalopó Mitjá (Elda) and Baix Vinalopó (Elche), who were fired from 25.01.2011 to 25.10.2011. On 28.12.2011, the Valencian Association of Footwear Entrepreneurs and the unions CC.OO and UGT, with the collaboration, participation and co-finance of SERVEF asked for the Re-colocation Plan to the European Fund of Adaptation to Globalization (FEAG). The FEAG CALZADO was approved on 26.03.2012 and developed its actuations until 25.03.2014. The re-colocation El Plan of the footwear sector, will allow that around 350 of the fired workers will participate to actions that will develop until March 2014.

AliasGroup realizes a technical assistance for the coordination of the Project and for the following entities:

·          Reception and Orientation

·          Formation in and out of the sector

·          Transversal formation

·          Formation for entrepreneurs

·          Formation with internships in enterprises for employment

·          Promotion of participation, insertion, mobility, constitution of                shops.

Technical Assistance for the coordination of all the actions with the participant entities to realise the following actions:

·       Support in the management of modifications

·       Standardization, elaboration and custody of documents

·       Advisory in the execution of the actions

·       Drafting of reports:

a.   Partial report

b.   Final report

c.   Checklists

d.   Calendar of actions

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