Name of legal entity Country Global value of the Project (EUR) Percentage realized by the legal entity (%) Staff (number of people) provided Name of the client Origin of the funds Dates (start/end) Name of partners, if it proceeds
Valencian Service of Job and Formation Spain 2,5 million Euros 2,8% 1 SERVEF European Found of Adaptation to the Globalization and the Crisis FEAG

European Funds

2010 – 2013 ATEVAL



Detailed description of the project Kind of given services
The European Fund of Adaptation to the Globalization (FEAG) and the SERVEF, co-finance a Plan of direct actions oriented to the re-colocation of workers in the textile sector.

The objective is support the working insertion of 350 workers in the textile sector of the Valencian districts of La Vall d’Albaida, Alcoiá y Comtat, through personalized actuations, that have a time limit  of 24 months and with a total budget of 3,16 million Euros (from which 2,05 million will be contributed by the FEAG and 1,11 million that will be contributed by SERVEF).

AliasGroup realizes a technical assistance for the coordination of the Project and for the following entities:

·          Reception and Orientation

·          Formation in and out of the sector

·          Transversal formation

·          Formation for entrepreneurs

·          Formation with internships in enterprises for employment

·          Promotion of participation, insertion, mobility, constitution of              shops.


Technical Assistance for the coordination of all the actions with the participant entities to realise the following actions:

·       Support in the management of modifications

·       Standardization, elaboration and custody of documents

·       Advisory in the execution of the actions

·       Drafting of reports:

a.   Partial report

b.   Final report

c.   Checklists

d.   Calendar of actions

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