Programa DESAFÍO Talento Solidario. Construyendo Proyectos de Impacto para generar Empleo Juvenil

Name of the contracting party

Fundación Mas Humano (Mas Humano Foundation)

Fundación Botín (Botín Foundation)


Calle Doctor Fleming 53, 1º C 28036 Madrid.
Tel.:91 351 02 71


date (month/year)



date (month/year)


Approximate value of services

(in Chilean pesos)

9.000 Euros

7.300.000 pesos

10.000  Dollars

Name, charge of the functionaries and contact information of representatives of the contracting party

Cristina Perez de Lema –

Javier García Cañete –

Job Description


Technical Assistance to the Solidary Talent Program , giving support to a group of 34 , in the process of transformation of ideas in projects of high impact, applying methodologies of management on complicated projects and quick methods. The Solidary Talent program looks forward to develop impacting initiatives to strike the problem of youth unemployment.

The program is structured into 5 sprints (explicative video to be found in ):

–       People and ideas e ideas

–       Partnering

–       Development

–       From ideas to pilots

–       From Pilots to Initiatives

–       From initiatives to projects

–       Selling of Projects

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