Diagnóstico del sistema de innovación y cultura en DUOC

Name of the contracting party



Canadá 308, Providencia, Santiago de Chile


date (month/year)


Approximate value of services

39.000 Euros – 31.245.000    CLP – 43.800 Dollars

Name, charge of the functionaries and contact information of representatives of the contracting party

Andrés Villela (avillela@duoc.cl)

Advice in strengthen of processes, installation of capacities in innovation teams and definition of habitat appropriate for its establishment in management of projects of academic development.

Three phases were realized:

Ø  Starting phase, REVIEW OF DUOC POLICY AND USED PROCEDURES. In this phase  problems and  gaps were  identified, improvement options, definition of challenges, catchment of ideas to approach challenges, selection, formulation and execution of projects as institutional development, tracing and control of its execution, transfer of results, etc.

Ø  Second stage: ANALYSIS OF EXISTENT CAPACITIES in the institution in Direction of academic development, Unity of Projects of Institutional Development, Direction of Technological Projects, Unity of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 9 schools and 16 headquarters with capacity of support .

Ø  Third stage: PLAN OF STRENGTHEN OF CAPACITIES and improvement of procedures, with horizons of short, medium and large term.


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