Name of the contracting party

ADEIT – Fundación Universidad – Empresa de la Universitat de València


Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3, 46001 València, Valencia

Starting date(month/year)



date (month/year)


Approximate value of services

More than 50.000

Name, charge of the functionaries and contact information of representatives of the contracting party

D. Antonio Aracil – Director ADEIT- Tel. +34 963 26 26 00

Alias, Allied to Grow S.L. works as a technical assistance of ADEIT since 2010.adeit

Ø  Analysis of the main features of European calls (way of submitting the project, necessary supporting documents, time frame, available funding, maximum contract duration, etc.).

Ø  Analysis of all the official documents of European calls in order to prepare a project

Ø  Preparation of the project in English

Ø  Definition working packages.

Ø  Definition of the partnership agreement

Ø  Completion and justification of  the project

Ø  Final check of every part of the project

Ø  Monitoring of the application period for the project approval.

Ø  Management of all the phases of the negotiation

Ø  Participation  in  the  working  groups  and  in  other  preparatory  meetings

Ø  Preparation of periodic work plans for the execution of the whole project;

Ø  Coordination of partners in relation to:

o    The accurate and adequate execution of the lots of activities

o    The drafting of the “Partner Report”.

o    The financial management of the project (budget, reformulation, etc.).

Ø  Ongoing  supervision  of  the  activitiesfor the correct management of the project

Ø   Working closely with the organization to arrange the international project meeting.

Ø  Cooperation  in  achieving  the “outputs”  set  in  the  different WPs

Ø   Preparation of the Report, drafting of the periodic textual report and of the periodic financial report in English,

Ø  Check the certificates of expenditure.

Ø  Detail the expenditure in the on-line management system of the programme.

Ø  Periodic creation of “payment claims”.

Assistance in the process of transferring the respective percentage of financing to the partners

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